Stop Drinking

Allen Carr's Easyway program has helped over 30m people to stop.

Stop Smoking

Give up smoking with the easyway method.

Instant Consult

See a fully qualified doctor online instantly 24/7.

Mental & Emotional Support

Call the pirkx counsellor 24/7, 365 days a year.

Nutritional Advice

We all know we should eat better, but how? Check out our no-nonsense advice.

Free Virtual classes and discounted Gyms

Stay fit and healthy with a range of fitness offers.

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Discounted Eye Care

Eye and ear care for you and your family.


Help with finding the right elderly care.

Spa Discounts

Discounted access to a wide selection of spas and beauty treatments.

Discounted Private Health Cover

Get the private health cover discounts that are usually only open to employees of big business.

Health Screening

Advice on where and when to get a health Check.

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Mental and emotional support with the pirkx counsellor

Discounts on eye and ear care with access to the Spec Savers Corporate Club

Discounted gym membership and virtual gym class

Discounted access to a wide selection of spas and beauty treatments

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