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Share the love with your clients through the unique pirkx benefits package that is customised with your branding and your own content added. Do it in minutes. Do it for free. How? Read on...

When our clever techies found a way for you to easily customise our site in minutes, we decided to give feature to you free, forever. It means that you can take our total wellbeing package, add your logo and colours, and add your own content, including products. You can then invite your clients to join “Acme pirkx” on a paid for or self-pay basis. Every time they use the site for benefits, they will be thinking of you.

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Your Benefits

Here's some of the benefits you could start enjoying

Shopping Discounts

Stretch your money further with savings on all the everyday categories.

Fuel Discounts & Savings

Find the cheapest fuel near you, and then get a discount at selected fuel companies.

Gas and Electricity

Switch to a better offer using our super quick comparison tool, and you could save $$ hundreds.

Discounted GoGet Car Share

GoGet is the biggest car share company in the market. Now you can join for free and rent a car by the hour, with fuel and insurance included.

Bookkeeping and Invoicing

A free bookkeeping and invoice app to help you run your business.

Independent Home Loan Advice

Would you qualify for a mortgage? Is it worth switching? Ask the expert at Aussie Home Loans, with a half hour no obligation phone call.

Discounted Electronics

Discounts for all your favourite electronic gadgets, online and instore.

Discounted Tickets

Buy discounted tickets for AFL, sport, music, performing arts, theatre, and comedy.

Discounted Days Out

Enjoy discounted days out in Australia to our most popular tourist attractions, or on holiday overseas.

Travel Discounts

Get away with our full range of travel discounts from airlines and travel agencies.

BEST Restaurant Card

Dine out for less with the BEST Restaurants card, accepted at more than 420 specially curated restaurants.

Cashback on Travel Insurance

Worry free travel with a cashback bonus.


All your favourite magazines for less. Makes a great gift.

Movie Discounts

Get your movie tickets cheaper with pirkx.

New Car Deals

Save on your next new car.

Car Rental

Car rental discounts worldwide from a number of large providers.

Found Money

Help with lost and unclaimed money searches.

Debt Help

Help and advice with debt.

Financial Guidance

Guidance for your financial wellbeing.

Free Credit Reports

Find your credit reports to help manage your credit score.

Little Emperors

Exclusive Travel Discounts.

Supermarket Discounts

Save 4% on your supermarket shop. That really adds up!


A little thanks goes a long way. Send kudos privately and publicly, and let your team know that you care.

Mental & Emotional Support

Call the pirkx counsellor 24/7, 365 days a year.

Discounted Days Out

Enjoy discounted days out in Australia to our most popular tourist attractions, or on holiday overseas.

BEST Restaurant Card

Accepted at 420+ awesome restaurants.

Locally available courses

With our free courses near you, you will find a whole host of education opportunities to study near you.


Learn big. Spend little. With huge discounts available and access to over 100,000 courses, a world of learning awaits!

Free courses to improve work performance

Learn how to manage your work performance.

Beyond Blue

Mental Health Training.

First Aid Training

Discounted St John first aid course.

Cyber Safety

Cyber Safety courses.

Emotional and Soft Skill Courses

EQ and soft skills training courses.

Locally available courses.

Find courses near you.

Free courses for managing people

Learn how to lead and manage teams.

Free courses for business skills

Developing soft skills to help you succeed.

Free Course for Children and Students

Develop skills for the future.

What It includes

Access the rewards and benefits you want all in one place.

pirkx brings together the tools and offers that help you manage your mental and physical health in an affordable way. Improve your financial wellbeing by using pirkx to save on everyday expenditure.




For myself


For my clients

24/7 dedicated telephone counselling service and mental health information.

Virtual gym classes for all abilities & discounted gym membership

Discounted eye & ear care, and programs for quitting smoking or drinking.

Access to discounted rates for private health insurance.



Over 2,000 shopping discounts from major retailers, including major supermarket brands

Independent home loan advice, money advice, budgeting tools, credit score advice

Discounts on fuel and a gas & electricity switch and save comparison tool.

Discounted online tax returns for $25.46 checked by an accountant.



Free online training courses from book keeping to managerial skills to first aid

12% cashback on Udemy Courses

Resource hub

Access to the things businesses need

Free HR document library

Corporate discounted luxury travel

Free access to create your own Pulse Surveys

Give kudos to your colleagues for improved recognition


Because your brand matters

Free to personalise, add your branding and colours

Free to add your own content in minutes

Invite your team, clients and corporate clients

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Benefits for the whole household

pirkx is for your family too. pirkx is for you and those you love. There’s something for everyone in pirkx.

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